Welcome to GeoVocab.org! We provide vocabularies for geospatial modelling.


There is a specification available online, describing all vocabulary terms marked "testing".


Getting Started

The basic classes are spatial:Feature and geom:Geometry, connected via the geom:geometry property.

@prefix geom: <http://geovocab.org/geometry#> .
@prefix spatial: <http://geovocab.org/spatial#> .
@prefix dbpedia: <http://dbpedia.org/resource/> .

dbpedia:Karlsruhe a spatial:Feature .
dbpedia:Karlsruhe geom:geometry <http://example.org/kageo> .
<http://example.org/kageo> a geom:Geometry .
dbpedia:Karlsruhe spatial:P dbpedia:Germany .

The URI http://example.org/kageo then describes the geometry. The vocabulary supports arbitrary syntaxes for describing geometries via content negotiation.


To subscribe to the NeoGeo Semantic Web Vocabs Mailing List send a mail to neogeo-semantic-web-vocabs+subscribe@googlegroups.com


We provide a couple of reference datasets which demonstrate the use of the NeoGeo vocabulary.

In addition, several publishers plan to use NeoGeo.


Moved most spatial and some geom terms from "unstable" to "testing", updated spec based on GeoVoCamp Madrid discussions

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